Abbott Laboratories was based on Dr. Wallace C. Abbott, a Chicago-based physician with the vision of making innovative healthcare options. Driven by his ardor for science and medication, he started the corporation to create merchandise that would tackle unmet medical needs.

Over the years, Abbott Laboratories has expanded its portfolio via strategic acquisitions and partnerships, permitting it to diversify into numerous areas of healthcare. Today, the corporation operates in over 160 international locations and employs over 109,000 folks worldwide.

Medical Devices and Diagnostics

Abbott Laboratories is at the forefront of medical gadget and diagnostic innovation, providing a wide range of products that assist in the early detection and management of ailments. From cutting-edge medical imaging techniques to advanced point-of-care testing gadgets, Abbott’s applied sciences enable healthcare professionals to make knowledgeable choices and provide personalized care to sufferers.

The firm’s flagship merchandise embraces Abbott i-STAT. This transportable blood analyzer delivers fast and correct outcomes, and FreeStyle Libre is a revolutionary glucose monitoring system that eliminates the necessity for routine finger pricks in people with diabetes.

Abbott Laboratories understands the vital function of vitamins in overall well-being and well-being. Through its vitamin division, the corporation develops and manufactures science-based nutritional products for people of all ages. Abbott is committed to assembling diverse nutritional needs, from toddler formulation that supports healthy development to specialized nutritional dietary supplements for adults.

Abbott’s Pediasure, a whole and balanced dietary supplement for children, has gained international recognition for its effectiveness in supporting development and improvement. Additionally, the company provides nutritional solutions for people with particular dietary requirements, similar to Ensure Diabetes Care, which helps blood sugar management in folks with diabetes.


In addition to medical gadgets and vitamins, Abbott Laboratories has a robust presence in the pharmaceutical business. The company’s branded generic prescription drugs division focuses on creating high-quality medicines that are affordable and accessible to sufferers worldwide.

Abbott’s portfolio includes various therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular health, neuroscience, gastroenterology, and ladies’s health. Their dedication to innovation and patient-centricity is evident in their continuous efforts to develop novel therapies and enhance existing therapies to enhance patient outcomes.

Innovation and Research

Abbott Laboratories strongly emphasizes research and growth to drive healthcare innovation. With significant funding in R&D, the corporation continuously strives to push the boundaries of science and expertise to develop groundbreaking options.

Their collaborations with leading educational establishments and healthcare organizations enable them to remain at the forefront of medical developments and deliver cutting-edge products. By fostering a culture of innovation, Abbott continues to rework the healthcare landscape and positively impact millions of lives worldwide.

Abbott Laboratories’ unwavering dedication to innovation, high quality, and patient care has positioned it as a global healthcare industry leader. Through its various portfolios of medical gadgets, diagnostics, nutrition, and prescription drugs, Abbott continues to contribute to enhancing healthcare outcomes worldwide.

With a robust focus on analysis and growth, Abbott is well-equipped to deal with the evolving healthcare challenges of the future and improve the quality of life for people worldwide.


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